The wall is a place where you can post updates, photos and even YouTube videos. Think of this as a scaled down ‘Facebook’ wall.  Post items to your wall to share with potential matches.  This can be videos you like, additional photos that may not be allowed in your profile pictures area (sorry, still no nudity allowed).  This can give potential matches a further dive into what your personality is like, what bands you like, etc.

Please note: your wall should be considered PUBLIC – meaning you should NOT post any private or contact information on it!

To post on your wall, just visit the ‘Wall’ section towards the top of your profile.  In the section ‘What would you like to share” you can enter text or paste a YouTube URL.  You can also click the camera off to the right of this box to upload a photo to go with your wall post.  Visitors to your profile can view your wall, like and comment on your posts.