5 Tips For Your First Date (Guys)

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5 Tips For Your First Date (Guys)5 Tips For Your First Date (Guys)

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Tip One:

Mr. Bond… tonight you are just James. This is my personal advice, after 25 years of standing behind the bar and listening to opening lines – grand statements, if you will. “Grand statements ” meaning: yeah we know that never happened! In short: start by being yourself.

Tip Two:

If you were driving I would suggest you limit your alcohol consumption to “ZERO”. However, this isn’t always possible – but regardless of the type of transportation, I would highly advise you keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Tip Three:

Who pay’s the check? Call me anything you want, including old-fashioned. You may want to take the pressure off and let your guests know that you will be picking up the tab. Understanding this is not progressive, new age or the current trend of today’s dating environment. Again, this is just a suggestion and maybe somewhere, on life support, there is chivalry left in America!

Tip Four:

Sometimes, it’s just not going to work… The probability is: you and your new date are just not going to work out. You can tell (this person) is not going to fit into your future by conversations, body language or other behaviors. Strong generic truthfulness may play the best policy here. You might say something like: Thank you for meeting me but I just don’t see us working out, of course you can still enjoy a meal!

Tip Five:

Atmosphere: As a blog writer for this dating website I have read literally thousands of introductions written by women and somewhere in the first 10 to 30 words there is this one statement that seems almost obligatory: “Somewhere we can talk”. Some form of this statement will usually be in a profile. You might want to ensure that your first meeting spot is a place where you can actually have a conversation!

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