The Silly Things Couples Fight About

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The Silly Things Couples Fight AboutThe Silly Things Couples Fight About

  • Who is the better driver
  • “That thing” we talked about months ago…
  • Pronunciation of the image type “GIF”
  • Talking through a movie / TV showCouple Arguing At Table - The Silly Things Couples Fight About
  • How long it takes to get ready
  • How long it takes to respond to a text message / voicemail
  • Money
  • Texting / Using phone too much
  • Leaving clothes on the floor
  • Who is in charge of the TV remote
  • Skipping or not attending church
  • Forgetting important dates
  • The wrong ‘tone’ when you speak
  • Drug use
  • Working too much
  • What / Where do you want eat
  • Thermostat settings (temperature)
  • Building furniture
  • Wise cracks
  • Loading the dishwasher wrong
  • Toilet paper on holder backwards or forwards
  • Which side of the bed to sleep onCouple Arguing On Couch - The Silly Things Couple Fight About
  • Flirting with others
  • Breathing too loud
  • Movies / TV Shows – liked or disliked | talking through | watching without you
  • What to listen to in the car
  • Deleting shows on the DVR
  • Watching porn
  • Cleaning / Housework / Taking out garbage
  • In-Laws / Family members
  • Toilet set up or down
  • Die Hard is a Christmas movie (…and go!)
  • Not listening
  • Politics
  • Re-capping the toothpaste
  • I’m “fine” – when you are NOT “fine”
  • Kids
  • Who is in control
  • Not ‘trying new things’Couple Back To Back - The Silly Things Couple Fight About
  • “Do I look fat?”
  • Pizza toppings
  • Putting empty items back in pantry / refrigerator
  • Who hangs up first on phone calls
  • Drug / Drug use
  • TV in the bedroom (or not)
  • Dreams
  • Video games / Winners & losers
  • Not asking for help / directions
  • Walking away mumbling


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