The SimpliSingles Beta Team

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The SimpliSingles Beta TeamThe SimpliSingles Beta Team

Update: March 2019 – Inclusion in the SimpliSingles Beta has closed.
Thanks to our beta team for helping locate and correct issues with the main site!
Launch to the public scheduled for July 2020
Check for launch update status!

November 2018 : SimpliSingles is not open to the general public yet, this startup project is continuing to move forward though, with anticipated launch in Q3 2020.  We will be launching our site to the beta team before it launches to the general public, those on the beta team will have full access to SimpliSingles, once completed and receive some special bonus swag closer to launch day!

If you’re interested in getting a sneak peek of the site (closer the time) and being part of the beta test team, follow this link to sign up!  We’ll be in touch with any further information.  SimpliSingles Beta Team Sign Up :

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