Dating During Covid-19 – Part 1

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Dating During Covid-19 – Part 1

Covid-19 has made meeting for a date a little difficult.  Don’t worry, it can still be done!  There are many ways to still meet and start that relationship with someone new or continue that dating life with someone.  Be creative and have fun getting to know that special someone.  You can still dress up or down to meet online with all the available programs and apps at your fingertips!

There are many online programs and apps to use for your date.  Here are a few:

There are many more out there so use your internet search or phone app shop and explore a video chat that will work for you and your special someone.

A date online can be challenging because there will be no physical contact.  You want the other person to know your personality as well as look at your physical being.  Conversations are important because if you cannot talk to someone and hold that interest, the relationship will not last. Ideas for a date online are as follows:

  • Reading a sexy book together. Each person take a turn reading a chapter.
  • Read a funny book or comic together.
  • Sing Karaoke. There are many websites and YouTube channels that have Karaoke words and music.  You can play them and sign your heart out to each other.  

  • Cooking a dinner together. You each cook the same dish and eat it together.
  • Making a craft together. Each person make the same craft, like a painting.
  • Play an online game together. Playing an online game together and use the chat window or voice chat to communicate.
  • Go to a park or beach with a lunch picnic. Each person bring their own meal and sit at least 6 feet apart.  You can enjoy each other’s company while you enjoy the scenery and a meal.
  • Set up a picnic or dinner in your car. Each of you can drive your car to a park or beach and set up the back seat or if you have an SUV, the trunk space.  Each of you can sit in your own car, maintaining that 6 feet apart, and get to know each other better.
  • Use a projector, screen and computer to play a movie outdoors. Either at your house or apartment locate a place to set up the movie system.  Make sure you sit at least 6 feet apart in a chair or blanket on the ground.  You can watch the movie together, chat and even have a meal or snack together.

  • Play a game together. Find a game you both have and play the game together.  Monopoly, Life, checkers or chess make good games to play. Each person keeps the set up the same at each location. 
  • Sit outside and just talk to each other. This can count as date time too.

Placing the camera at an angle that will allow the other person to see you.  Use a phone stand to prop your phone up or set your computer up to look at the setting you desire.  Test your camera angle before your date to make sure you set up the perfect shot.  Clean the area that will be in camera view and get rid of clutter.  You need to be the main focus of attention and not your housekeeping habits.  Make sure you dress up and look your best.  Even if you are having a pajama date always try to look your best. 

One of the main things to remember is to be creative and have fun.  Getting to know each other is the most important thing when dating someone.  Communicate and see if you can carry on a conversation without getting boredom setting in and taking over.  Social distancing and quarantine will not last forever so  think about this time as a way you can get to know someone without the physical attraction getting in the way.  Taking a relationship slow has benefits and can be the road to a long lasting meaningful future.

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