Posting Safe Pictures On Your Profile

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Posting Safe Pictures On Your ProfilePosting Safe Pictures On Your Profile

Safety is always a concern when dating online. Both men and women should exercise caution when giving out personal details on their dating profiles and when talking to someone online. We would like to think that everyone has good honest intentions, but the reality is that there are some people who are less than honest or good. Simple rule is to be careful.

Start with your posted profile. The goal is to attract someone to want to meet you without divulging too much personal information and posting photos with identifying features or portraying the false impression that you party. Your profile should stick to quick facts of what you like.

Never post where you work, went to school or like to hang out. These are invitations for stalkers to easily find you. Pictures should avoid these things as well. If you are posting images of you on your college campus, make sure the name of your school is not in the background or you are not wearing a college shirt.

Posting Safe Pictures On Your ProfilePost-recent images of yourself with a generic background. Avoid posting images that have your friends in them. Someone with bad intentions could use them to find where you are. We post much of our lives on Social Media therefore opening ourselves up to invite dishonest people into our lives.

You want to make your profile look like you are fun to be with, so you post a picture holding a drink and laughing in a local bar. Now you have portrayed to everyone that you like to party, drink, and what place you like to hang out at. Something like this invites the wrong type of person to date if you are looking for a lasting relationship and not a one-night stand. Common sense is what you need to use when choosing pictures to post on your profile.

Posting Safe Pictures On Your Profile

Photographs can expose more information than you think. Avoid pictures on streets or near landmarks. Pictures on streets can reveal license plates and street signs that can give location. Landmarks can quickly identify where you like to visit and hang out. When posting outdoor pictures to show you like to be active make sure you avoid too much detail or landmarks.

Choosing images to post can be tricky and will take some time. Post generic images and rely on words to express what you like. Following these tips may keep you safe and ensure you find a long lasting dating partner. Remember to be careful and use your common sense.

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