Ways To Spot A Liar

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Ways To Spot A LiarWays To Spot A Liar

We the people are called liars, yet to be fair, sometimes this is qualified with the a color…  “White”.  A ‘white’ lie is said to be a non-aggressive and innocuous.  I will have to pass on the part where lies are OK as long as they don’t hurt anyone.  Let’s take a test…  Would you do this?

You have a killer headache and someone at your place of employment asks “how you are doing?”
You say just fine because you don’t want to get into the headache conversation.  Knowing that “I’m fine” will end the conversation.   So, there we have it…  a fresh, hot, still steaming lie that was self-manufactured.  So a lie is not a lie unless it has to do with your: money, significant other or your place of employment?

The Great Questions:

  • Ways To Spot A LiarHas your girlfriend ever laughed too loud at YOUR wing-mans lame jokes?
    Are you dating my girl?  (five second rule – see the 3rd video below)
  • Did your “bro” loan his listening ear to YOUR girls fantastic and terrible problems?
    “Hey, bro, what up with you and my girl?”
  • Somethings just not right?
    You know something is just not right?  How do you spot the lie?
  • Where have you been?
    You don’t know where someone has been and it’s not important unless they were with someone that they don’t want you to know about.

LIES they are out there and we might want to know how to recognize them better…  The following video is from Pamela Meyer.  It’s a good place to start.  I don’t think its the best, but that comes from a person that lies 😉

OK – This next one is my favorite.  This has some information that will likely help.  I like that she starts with “Hey, you don’t know what you are doing yet so don’t run home and start TESTING“.  Now, please note most of these guys sell books on the subject and we don’t have any of that.  Yet, I found the 47 minute video below, from Digiday informative:

Then there is the KID…  Hey, I like this guy and although he gives advice that you have seen in the first two videos, the explanation is great!  The children are making the same moves as adults!  A great teaching tool even if NOT the most informative:

I am going to re-visit this topic soon. There is a lot of information out there on this topic (Yes, I could be lying)… But, not this time! Be sure to like our page and drop your comments below!

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