My Dating Adventures – Episode 3

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My Dating Adventures – Episode 3
“Hidden Career”

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Aidan and I had a first great date. We went to dinner at a restaurant that had a great view of the beach and after dinner we walked along the beach. Never did the conversation lag or have any awkward silence. Our second date was lower key to the movies and ended in a sweet romantic kiss. When the third date came around I became excited to learn more about Aidan, the office manager.

Work was something he didn’t talk about very much and I was curious as to why? I spoke about my career and answered his questions easily. A little voice inside my head was shouting that something was up and to pry a bit more into his career, so the third date I decided to press the issue.

The Third Date…

We went to a nice local restaurant and it was busy. I started by talking about something that happened at work and asked if he had ever encountered anything like that and he replied with a no. There was no elaboration, no more talk, not even asking me more about my situation. I asked him what a typical day was like for him and he replied that it was like everyone else’s day.

Frustrated, I fidgeted in my seat. Every question I was asking was met with a short answer. A small group of men and women walked by our table and two of the women stopped and said hello to Aidan. One of the women proceeded to go on about how she was glad to have hung up fast with a creep. The other woman laughed and then her gentleman friend said that they must get a lot of that in their line of work.

Confused, I looked at Aidan who seemed uncomfortable and tried to rush the group along. Another woman in the group said that she could not handle the calls and didn’t see how they could. I didn’t get a chance to ask them anything before Aidan rushed them along so I directed my question at him.


Again he brushed it off and I demanded to know saying that I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Aidan then began to tell me in more detail about his job as an office manager for a phone sex line. Needless to say I was a little taken aback by this news and needed to think. We continued on with dinner and he did answer my questions.

Aidan broke up with me in an email declaring that I was too pushy and if I had only left well enough alone we would still be dating. Isn’t knowing about your potential partner’s career okay? I was actually planning on seeing him again before he broke up with me too.

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