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Hooking UpHooking Up

Dating once had a romantic flair… Before one-night stands or hooking up became OK, by social standards. Society has accepted hooking up as a dating norm by a younger generation. Many over the age of 35 still regard hooking up as low class behavior and strive to stay to the side of romantic dating. Of course this pertains to mostly women as men are slightly different and have always been fine with hook ups. Does this mean that all women under the age of 35 buy into this norm? Not at all!

Not all women under the age of 35 partake in hooking up and still look for romance when dating. Looking for romance when dating means that one is looking for a meaningful relationship that will last more than one night. There are some women that do partake in hookups and they do use apps and dating sites for this reason. These women use dating sites and/or apps to try and find companionship, romance and love. Lives have become so busy, or so we think, and we rely on our technology for communication. Younger people are more likely to use dating sites and apps because they have grown up using technology to communicate with their entire life. There are pros and cons to this, but that is a different article all together.

Hooking UpOlder people think online dating is for younger people only, but it is not just for the young! Many interesting older people are online searching for that companionship. Step out of your comfort zone and take a chance on online dating. Patience is a must and this is something older people have. Time is what it will take to find that special someone you can have a lasting meaningful relationship with.

Young people want everything in an instant and so many jump into relationships without taking the time to see if they are truly compatible. Online dating gives the older person time to search for that special someone and get to know him or her better. The relationship progresses from emails, texting, phone conversations to then dating in person. All this could take a few months and older people seem to be fine with this. Younger people usually do this process within a week. Older people can find true companionship through online dating given the time to search and explore.

Younger people can keep their hookups and try to search for meaningful relationships with failure while older people go through the steps of dating to find that special someone. Maybe one day the youth will learn from the people more experienced around them.

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