Being Safe When Dating Online

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Being Safe When Dating OnlineBeing Safe When Dating Online

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Safety is a big concern for everyone. Following a few guidelines and being aware will ensure you can use online dating to find that special someone! Many people misrepresent themselves online because of insecurities and low self- esteem. People are insecure of their age, weight, height, job and income. Finding that one person who is not insecure can be challenging, but they are out there.

Start by being truthful on your own profile and others that are also truthful will navigate towards you. Do not divulge intimate information until you have met the other person face to face a few times. Intimate information is your address, location of your job, where you were born, family member’s names and your surname.

Starting an online relationship requires a little bit of effort to keep safe. Taking it slow is okay and you should not be rushed into meeting face to face without getting to know the other person first. Messaging is great but then video chat and if that works out then vest the energy into a face to face meeting.

Being Safe When Dating Online

Setting up an alias Skype account can keep your information private and you can use it for video chatting. Make sure your surroundings do not give too much detail of where you are or show personal facts that make it easy for someone to stalk you. Have a blank wall behind you when you video chat or take pictures.

Let a friend or family member know when and where you are meeting someone new face to face. Arrange to call your friend or family member when the date is over so your safety is accounted for and you do not become a victim. That person can also be present at the date location just to keep an eye on you.

That brings us to another safety point; make sure to meet in a public place and that you drive yourself. If you do not want them to know what you drive, use a service like Uber to get you to the set location. Being safe should not offend the other person and if it does, then they are not worth dating.

Using your common sense is key to keeping safe. Don’t rush the dating process love takes time. The time old saying of be yourself is always true no matter what.

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