Who’s Picking Up The Tab? You Are!

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My Unpopular Dating Opinion
Chapter 2 : Who’s Picking Up The Tab? You Are!

Ah, the age old debate of who should pick up the tab for a date. Hang on to your wallets my friends, cheapskates and serial “free-meal” daters will absolutely disagree with my unpopular opinion(s) on this matter!

It seems the overwhelming majority of dating heterosexual adults would agree that the responsibility of paying for a date falls on the male in the relationship. Although most would have you believe that chivalry is dead – this antiquated idea that a man should pay for everything on a date has somehow survived and I wholeheartedly disagree. Let’s open this can of worms shall we?

Couple At Coffee HouseFirst things first – if you are asked out on a date you should never assume that the other party is going to pay. Let’s ditch this notion that it is taboo to discuss who is paying for a date before the date actually happens. Let’s face it, while yes it can feel awkward to ask a prospective significant other what payment arrangement they are most comfortable with for the upcoming date in my opinion it is better to feel awkward at this point asking and getting a clear concise answer, rather than being blindsided by a cheapskate when the check comes and you get stuck with the bill.

Picture this… you are having dinner and while you are being budget conscious about your menu selections, your date on the other hand is going all in and ordering the most expensive appetizer, drink, and entree possible. This is great you think to yourself, your date is going to pick up the tab as they obviously aren’t phased by the cost of the tab they are creating. Only when the server comes to drop off the check, your date doesn’t reach for the bill and instead looks at you expectantly and says “I thought you were picking up the tab!”. How awkward would that be?

I feel that it is best to avoid that awkward mess altogether and just have a clear statement of who is going to pay, or if the check will be split. This brings me to my next opinion on the who pays hot-mess express; while it may feel contradictory to my statement that you should never assume your way is being paid by your date, and the payment arrangements should be discussed beforehand I have an unpopular opinion overall of who should shoulder the responsibility of picking up the tab. I’m just going to tell it to you straight – if you ask someone out on a date you should fully expect to pick up the tab so don’t ask someone out to dinner or out for drinks or whatever if you aren’t willing to pay. I don’t even feel like I should have to delve deeper into an explanation of that one.

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All that being said, transparency is the best policy when it comes down to it and the subject of who is picking up the tab should absolutely be discussed during the date planning process to avoid an awkward scene when the bill arrives. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments- who do you think should be responsible for picking up the tab or cast your vote in the online poll below!

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