Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

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Things You Should Never Say To A Woman

Living in the single zone can have an advantage or two.  Yet most persons, like me, will never know what they are; because I am too busy watching dating sites drain my bank account!  So, having some knowledge may be advisable to the “singles” at large.  Although, we live in a communication rich environment, it still seems that finding your soulmate is somewhat elusive…

Video : The Seven Worst Things Men Say To Women

  1. Why are you so serious?  “C`mon girl, smile”.  Seems harmless enough (not), watch the video above…
  2. Giving backhanded compliments…  “I personally love curvy girls”.  Get some better pickup lines!
  3. Why won’t you talk to me?  “Do you have a boyfriend or something?”.  Nope they just don’t like you!
  4. You look different today…  “You’re looking tired”.  Girls don’t like hearing this kind of thing!
  5. You’re so different than other girls…  “You’re the cute friend!”.  Yeah, she probably thinks her girlfriends are good looking, so you just insulted all her friends with this comment.
  6. Don’t be stuck up.  “I’m not stuck up just because I don’t want to talk to you”.  Physical attraction is important too!
  7. Don’t be the guy that makes comments like “whatever, you’re probably a lesbian anyway” when things aren’t going your way!

It may be true, that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression…  So, you may want to get a grasp on how to start a conversation.  The best advice may be on what not to say, as opposed to what pickup line works best.  There is a lot of information on the web that talks about your: composure, clothing, style and that ever important opening statement.  Things should be natural and organic starting with how close to stand to your counterpart in conversation.  In other words give the girl some s p a c e.  In the video below, it is shown how to phrase the question, instead of making a statement.

Video : Never Say This To A Girl

  1. Implying that she should do something.  Tip: try using “would you like to” vs “you should”.
  2. Still hungry?  Don’t judge eating habits, enjoy the meal – dating is stressful, at least enjoy the foods!
  3. Using the term ‘Just kidding’ when you say or do something wrong.  Just own up to it vs saying just kidding.
  4. Saying ‘Calm down’.  As the video above explains, this can be annoying and aggravating at times…
  5. Bringing up exes.  Comparing your current relationship or partner to your ex causes undo stress in relationships.
  6. Use of the word ‘Fine’.  Never a good one to use in a fight/argument as it’s been shown to be an escalation point, where things go from bad to worst.  When using to describe looks or in giving opinions on questions, it can be taken as just OK or mediocre.

The dating world has become a sensation in cyberspaceOnce upon a time print (think newspaper) hosted a personals section.  Inside this section were eager participants scribing away at their dating desires.  There were no photos, the geographic area was mirrored to the subscription of the LOCAL newspaper.  The modern equivalent to the printed kingdom is commonly referred to as an online dating site.  There is a dating website for everyone…  (Shameless plug –> SimpliSingles should be yours!).

Things do not always work out.  If you could read a book on relationships that explained everything, no one would ever get divorced.  Just like driving a car, you can’t learn how to do that on the web.  Yet, I’ve heard 1001 stories from the guy or girl that says that they are the loner.  That is probably true for about 1% of said population in the dating jungle.  In reality people do not want to be alone, there is no great achievement to being sole ruler of the remote.  Still, it’s a jungle out there.  So, to the Jane’s and Tarzan’s that swing into the danger zone, be safe and remember there may be an app for that.

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