Type Of Movie On A First Date

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Type Of Movie On A First DateType Of Movie On A First Date

Who doesn’t like a good movie?  Most people enjoy going to the movies and the discussion that can result from watching said movie can lead to more and more communication between two people.  Selecting a movie to watch with your significant other can be challenging.  Here again, communication between two people is important even in selecting a movie to watch.

First date movie watching between two people is as important as choosing what to wear on the first date.  Stay clear of political topics and heavy dramas.  Movies have a way of depicting the mood for the rest of the date. Emotions can be strong and affect a person’s mood.  Sad or melodramatic movies can really cause distress in emotions.  Save these movies for when you and your partner know each other better.  This way you can provide emotional support for each other after watching these types of films.

Fun comedy films are the best first date flicks.  Laughing releases endorphins which make a person feel good.  Feeling good triggers happy emotions and good conversation could ensue later in the date making it a win win for everyone.  Happy people let down barriers and start to trust each other, leading to clearer communication.  People who communicate well are on their way to a committed relationship.

Watching horror films on a first date has a fifty-fifty chance of being good; depending on the personality of each person.  Watching scary films increases our adrenaline, anxiety and fear causing people to jump or grab hold of another person.  Some people enjoy that rush of adrenaline and holding onto another person providing that sensation of protection.  A problem can occur when only one person likes the adrenaline rush from a scary movie and the other person would rather be in a Disney film.  The anxiety and fear felt by someone can make them want to leave you and the movie and if they stay for the movie the date will end quickly because that person now has fear for emotions wanting to only seek the safety of their home.

Selecting a movie for your first date can be tricky at best.  Discussing it with your partner before the date is a good way to open communication.  Together you can decide on the genre of the movie to see and both of you will benefit from the date.  Dates of only one person planning and directing are not executed very often.  There are times when this does happen such as for special occasions. The main point to consider when selecting a movie is each other and open communication. 

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