My Dating Adventures – Episode 6

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My Dating Adventures - Episode 6My Dating Adventures – Episode 6
“Girls Night Out”
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Great dates are fun and bad dates are great conversation pieces with your friends. We had a girl’s night recently where we all vented about our bad dates. It was a fun and therapeutic night!


I started the night off with a story of my date with Justin the doctor. Always busy, how did we find the time for a date? I dressed to impress and researched any doctor talking points. I wanted him to know that I was interested, smart and able to carry on a conversation. We went to a very nice restaurant and the evening started out great. Justin ordered a drink and I thought nothing of it until he ordered his third.

Polite getting to know you conversation then turned into complaining about patients, his job, his apartment and then his staff. Desert came and I hadn’t spoken a full sentence except; “Oh yeah.” and “really?” Ending the date could not have come soon enough. Justin thanked me for listening to him and kissed me on the cheek. He said it was great to find someone he could talk to about anything. Just to let you know, there was not a second date.


Valery told her tale second. Country dancing was where her date, Andy, took her. Andy wanted to dance the entire evening without a break. Valery wanted to sit down and talk a little but Andy did not. He became frustrated with her, called her an old wet blanket and started to dance with other women. After dancing with a few women, he let her know that she needed to find a ride home. Valery thanked him and wished him well as she left.



Amiee chimed in with her story about Dane. She met Dane at the bookstore and they started talking about the cookbooks in their hands, which resulted in a coffee date. Conversation did not lag at all. Dane asked Amiee out for dinner. Amiee dressed in her best outfit while Dane showed up in jeans and a tee. She let the dress attire go and concentrated on having a good time, but Amiee was stunned when they stopped at Wendy’s hamburger restaurant.

Once inside, Dane ordered and paid without even offering to pay for Amiee’s meal. She ordered a drink and kissed him on the cheek heading for the door. Amiee had called a Uber when they pulled up to the Wendy’s. We all started laughing. Amiee had definitely won the worst date venting session and her meal was on us!

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