When To Give Out Information

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Blonde Girl On LaptopWhen To Give Out Information

Getting to know someone online is difficult and easy at the same time.  Following a few simple rules can make getting to know someone painless.  Many times people do not want to take relationships slow and they rush, which usually ends up in a break up.  Establishing a long lasting relationship takes time and cannot be rushed.

Do not divulge your life story when you first start talking to someone.  Give little bits out at a time and make sure the information exchange is even.  Looking for love causes us to lower our defenses and trust when normally common sense would take over. Be cautious when giving information about yourself and keep it general. You give information and your partner gives information. Do not be afraid to open the lines of communication and ask questions.  Criminals are all over online and looking for ways to hurt you or take what is yours.  

Personal information such as where you live, personal email or phone number are pieces of information that can be damaging in the wrong hands.  Identity theft is at an all-time high and you do not want to give any assistance to criminals.  All your personal information can be found with only a few pieces of this information and their actions can ruin your credit, bank accounts and life in general. The clean-up from identity theft is costly.  Criminals will spend time pretending to be attracted to you and gain your trust.  If the other persons asks for money or for you to receive packages, this could be a sign of criminal activity.

Criminals will try to earn your trust by being personable. Always remember that the image you see on a profile may not be the real person you are talking to.   Give general information about your location and continue to use the dating website email to communicate with your dates.  As your relationship progresses and you feel more comfortable start by giving your phone number and start a dialog.  People should always be cautious of others and not let their hearts cloud judgement. 

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If your dating website does not have an email option, then set up an email account just for receiving dating emails.  When setting up this email do not include your personal information.  An email set up this way can save you if someone you have started stalking to sells your email address to a spammer.  You can always delete the tainted email and start over. 

Do not agree to meet the other person right away.  Exchange a few emails and chat online getting to know the other person first.  If the other person wants to meet in person face to face right away, that should be a warning to you that something is not right.  People want to move fast for a variety of reasons and they do not end well.

Remember to use your head and if something is too good to be true, it usually is.  Be cautious when communicating with others and be particular of what you reveal to others. Keep your information general and slowly descent into the deep communication as your relationship progresses. 

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