Proposing On Valentine’s Day

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Proposing On Valentine's DayProposing On Valentine’s Day

Proposing on Valentine’s Day is such a cliché but it can also be very romantic. Some women love being proposed to in front of a huge audience while others like the intimate setting of just you and her, therefore, you need to really know the one you are proposing to so you can make the right decision. Let’s explore a few scenarios to make the proposal a remembered one.

Romantic Girl
Your girlfriend is very much into all things romance, frilly, glitter and fancy you will need to secure a hotel room at a very nice hotel and a restaurant at a very nice place. Make a reservation at the restaurant ahead of time because most place book up at least a month ahead of time for Valentine’s Day. Call the place and let them know you are planning a proposal and let them know that you would like the ring brought during desert.

Proposing On Valentine's Day

Some restaurants have a package for proposals where they will take your ring and put it in a sweet, bring it out and also record the occasion for you. If they do not have anyone to record the proposal for you make sure you enlist the help of a friend who can record the special occasion for you both. If the restaurant will not bring the ring out or you want to hold onto the ring yourself and present it to her, then wait until desert time.

Once desert is served, you can drop to one knee and ask the question in front of everyone also celebrating Valentine’s Day. Your girl will be glowing in all the attention and have a memorable moment to tell all her friends, family and future children. You will be the best boyfriend.

More Private
A public place not for you? An intimate proposal can also be a romantic one that she will hold memorable. Invite her over for dinner. If you do not cook then order take out from a favorite restaurant, but make sure you serve the meal on plates. Wanting to do the cooking yourself, make sure you keep it simple with Italian, steak or chicken dishes.

Strawberries covered in chocolate are always a hit at Valentine’s Day and should be served at the end of the meal. Leave them in the kitchen and ask your love to bring them in the living room. While she is getting the strawberries, you can bring out flowers and have them sitting on a table near you. When she brings the treats to you make sure you are on one knee with the ring box opened or hold the ring.

A surprise proposal would be after dinner walking back to your car. Include your friends and her family. Plan your route through a large enough area for everyone to gather. As you are walking have someone play your couple song. Flash mobs may be a thing of the past but can be very fun. Have simple steps everyone can remember and watch her surprise when she realizes it is family and friends dancing. When she turns around to you, bend down on one knee and present the ring. Remember to have someone recording the event.

There are a million ways to propose. One thing to remember is to make it special for you both by taking what you like and making it special. Recording the event and taking pictures are a great way to capture the moment.

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