Avoid Bad Breath On Your Date

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Avoid Bad Breath On Your Date ImageAvoid Bad Breath On Your Date

Restaurants are the number one date destinations.  After you and your date get some coffee, sweets, go to a movie or walk and talk before ending the date, bad breath will be setting in.  This is one thing you do not want your date to remember. 

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Foods we eat play an important part in bad breath.  Foods to stay away from are fish, onions, garlic rich foods, and sugar or dairy rich foods.  Almost everything we eat is off limits, but not to worry because there are ways to help make sure bad breath does not ruin your date. 

Order foods that have little or no garlic and no onions.  A nice grilled chicken with a side of vegetables or rice is one meal sure to not cause bad breath.  Steak is always a good option with a side of vegetables or a baked potato with no sour cream. Your date may not be thinking about breath and takes you to an Italian restaurant.  Don’t panic, simply order spaghetti with butter sauce.  This will keep things simple for you. 

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Travel toothbrush and toothpaste will also fit in a small purse or your pocket.  If this is not an option for you, excuse yourself to the restroom and rinse out your mouth.  You can also use breath strips for a quick freshen up!  You don’t want your first kiss to be one for the ‘don’t return a call’ category. 

Bad breath sometimes cannot be avoided.  Your date cooks for you and you have no control over the meal.  After the meal your date closes in for a kiss and you haven’t had time to brush your teeth.  If you can taste or smell anything pungent, so can your date. Make the kiss short and excuse yourself to brush your teeth. 

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Bad breath can be overlooked when you have had a particularly smelly meal.  Both parties involved know the results of eating a fully loaded hamburger with a side of onion rings. Go with it if your date pulls you in for a kiss. 

Taking care of your breath will be appreciated by anyone wanting to get intimate with you. Don’t be afraid to excuse yourself to go brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out.   Ordering foods that can reduce bad breath is a safe way to make sure you do not offend your date.  Remember these tips and you will have a great date.

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