Dating Advice For Men From Women

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Dating Advice For Men From WomenDating Advice For Men From Women

Online dating has changed the dating game for both men and women.  Men were once the only seekers, while women waited and waited to be noticed.  Online dating has made it possible for women to seek out men, even if it is for a one-time only date.  Men need to be prepared for anything at anytime and be open to this change.  Interest options for profiles have improved and gotten creative to make finding others with different interests, hobbies and tastes very easy, increasing the chance of finding that special person.

One thing remains the same since the dawn of dating, women still like to be admired and like a strong confident man [not an arrogant man], but a confident man.  What is the difference?  A confident man does not make the conversation all about him and is not afraid to listen.  Talk about her; ask about her all the while revealing bits about yourself in the process.  Compliment her hair, eyes or hands.  This will give you a chance to subtly touch her and women do like contact.  When letting her know she is special and worth your time, the return will make her invest more time in you and bring her guard down so you can get to know each other better.

Dating Advice For Men From Women

Women are taught from a young age that men want only one thing, but this is what some women want as well.  Women overall have been sexually repressed, although some women will openly talk about sex and it takes a confident man to accept this and not be turned off.   Society calls sexually confident women names, which is sad when men can be sexually confident with no name calling.  Some men want one-night stands and so do some women, but most men still have not come to accept this fact and are often turned off by a woman who expresses this.  They have learned to send out subtle signals, be sexy and flirty instead of openly being honest with men.  Things are going great on the date, she is sexy and flirty slowly turning you on, making you feel like a strong confident man and she invites herself to your place and not you to hers.  There is your sign it is a one-night stand or maybe she is not sure there will be a second date.  

A woman’s home is a private place and not often shared with many until a trust is built.  Men can have that door of opportunity closed very quickly when they insist on going back to her place.  Be prepared and clean your place before you go on your date just on case this does happen to you, this way, you can confidently bring her back to your place.  Times have changed and the once thought “one night stand” could turn into a second date.

Dating Advice For Men From Women

Men traditionally pay for the date meal and activities, but times are changing in that aspect as well.  Some men do appreciate this while others find it offensive.  When the woman offers to pay for something on the date, she is letting the man know how confident she is and curious to see if he can handle that part of her.  Men sometimes see this as an aggressive behavior when it is not meant that way at all.  Women work for a living and no longer stay at home until they are married.  There are more professional women who are now participating in online dating.  

The age of the dater often drives the attitude and behavior.  Younger daters often move slowly and think more about sex, one night stands and parties.  Older daters often move faster and think of commitment, marriage and companionship.  One fact still remains firm and that is men need to take the time to get to know the woman if they plan on keeping her interested.  Men are visual and women are both visual and sensual.  Men are often about how a woman looks on the outside, with personality coming in last as a requirement.  Women are slightly different…  looks are a plus, good grooming, smelling nice, wearing nice clothes, being neat, having the ability to carry a conversation are all weighed and considered.  These traits have been engraved in men and women since the dawn of time but are slowly changing.

Dating Advice For Men From WomenThe most difficult thing when dating is being honest with each other.  Usually after the first hour of a date, both know if there will be a second date or not.  If either do not see it progressing any further and want to leave, then do just that!  End the date and do not extend it by wasting each other’s time and for goodness sake do not make up a stupid excuse; be honest and let the other person know it is not working out and that you want to end the date.  MOVE ON.  Feelings will be hurt and egos bruised but in the long run, time will be saved and not wasted so each can go an pursue other potential matches. 

When men lead women on and they sleep together the woman is thinking the relationship may go somewhere and the man has already ended it with her, this is just in bad taste.  Actions like this are what make women defensive and difficult to get to know during a date.  Men should be honest if they are not interested but are only interested in a one night stand; plus they may be surprised that she is only interested in a one night stand too.  When the two dating are honest with each other more fun and pleasure can be had by all.  

Be honest, do not let your ego get in the way, go out of your comfort zone, listen more than talk, be confident and well groomed.  Following these small pieces of advice just may put you on the right road to find the perfect match in a world full of many to look through.  Have fun but not at the cost of others. 

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