Is He Cheating On You?

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Is He Cheating On You?Is He Cheating On You?

What are the signs that he is cheating on you?  It’s Natural for the “I just can’t see you enough” flame to dampen somewhere around the sixth month of dating.  Yet, there are signs you might notice.  Making you ask the question: Are things starting to change between us?  Wonder Woman has custom made clothing and a lasso, your super power may be your acute awareness of spotting signs that signal trouble in relationship village.

It’s not he’s working lateIt’s he’s working late a LOT
Could happen.  Can happen….maybe: a guy starts a new project at work and the boss rolls the fifty-five gallon of midnight oil right into the office.  Your sharp, funny, polished, charming boyfriend project manager  (of course) is all in.  The boss has declared: This (secret?) project could make or break careers.  It’s a dangerous dead line.  One he dare not cross.  It’s a drop dead date – the team is well aware – beware this project will be finished on time.  Burn the midnight oil til dusk if need be… it must be done….  Odd, however, he can’t say what the dead line is.

An unlimited supply of reasons of why he is out late:

  • Ran into his best friend from high school…grabbed a bit to eat, can ya believe it?
  • Traffic, JUST traffic, it’s just traffic and more for miles…..  be home soon.
  • Car troubles, wow how could this happen to his new car?
  • Meeting ran late and made him hit rush hour….  Wow, the bad luck.  Traffic is terrible just going to grab a quick bite while everything dies down.
  • Do ya see maybe a trend here?

Now, weekends are something that you really want to watch out for.  This could be considered a smoke single that is trying to conceal a fire that he is burning for someone else.

  • Having to work on the weekend.
  • Having to GO OUT OF TOWN for the weekend.
  • Does not have time for you on the weekend.

The phone: *Beware “THE” Phone*

  • Is he protecting his phone, as in it’s always locked?  Masterfully, he is holding the phone where you cannot see it as if hiding something.
  • Suddenly his phone is on silent.
  • His phone is never laying around it’s on him all the time.
  • NOoooooo you can’t google anything on his phone…. must be data limits.
  • Not every time but this could be the biggest clue that you need to talk, maybe move on?

Video : Signs He may be cheating on you.

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