Why Won’t You Meet Me In Person

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Why Won't You Meet Me In PersonWhy Won’t You Meet Me In Person

Dating is complicated, exciting, frustrating and fun. Online dating can be a minefield to navigate through at best! Some move too fast and some move too slow, but what do you do if all the other person does is text or call and never takes the next step to meet face to face?

So you found someone you like and send them an introductory message. The other person responds ensuing on a several day chat exchange. Next step in the process is exchanging phone numbers to text and/or call. Normally after emailing, texting, calling and getting to know each other better, people arrange to meet face to face.

Why Won't You Meet Me In Person

Waiting day after day for an invitation to meet can fill you with complete anxiety and consume your daily life. Step back and look at the situation calmly. Recall conversations that dealt with meeting. Were the conversations straightforward or did the other person avoid the subject all together?

Many people are satisfied with an online relationship only and not taking the steps to meet face to face. Their commitment phobias or shyness may keep them from taking that leap to engage with someone in person. Online relationships are safe and can be maintained through texting, emails or phone calls. There is no personal connection or other work that needs to take place.

What do you do?

When the other person is sluggish to meet face-to-face, they may need a loving nudge. Suggest meeting places that are low work … like a coffee shop, movie or local restaurant. These places do not require much effort and can be comfortable for all involved.

Meeting face to face can let you know if the relationship is worth pursuing. Keeping the relationship online only and not meeting face to face is a waste of time because it will ultimately develop into nothing. Some people are fine with never meeting face to face, but so much time is lost only to chat online or text.

Moving on from an online relationship may not be easy because the other person will do everything to keep you connected to them. Distancing yourself slowly is easier on all involved parties and making sure you get yourself out there again will help you heal as well.

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