Creating A Great Online Dating Profile

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Creating A Great Online Dating ProfileCreating A Great Online Dating Profile

Online dating has become an accepted form of dating compared to the view of online dating several years ago.  Pew Research Center reported that many people agree online dating is a good way to meet other people and most of the people on these dating sites are college graduates.  This is good news is you are among the 15% of adults looking to make a connection with someone online, but one fact is that there are more males than females on these online dating sites; so how do you make your profile stand out?

Where do you start when entering the world of online dating?  Start at the beginning with creating a catchy username and remember, this is what the community will know you as and you may not be able to change this name once it is created.  Check the terms and conditions of your online dating site about changing your username after it is created.  Long complicated usernames are just that, too complicated and it takes up space.  Start by making a list of your hobbies, strengths and likes.  Look at these words for flowing combinations like Cutehiker, Gingerfoodie, Gymbronze or Beachwalker.

User profiles are the first impression everyone has and you want to stand out among all the fishes, so make sure you take your time creating your username!  A unique, witty through profile will have more readers if you give the creative process some thought.  Do not rush through filling out all the boxes without giving what you are writing some thought.  Remember, this is the first impression your readers will have of you.

Creating A Great Online Dating ProfileBe open with your friends about your decision to give online dating a try because many of your friends can assist you in building your profile.  Most adults have a difficult time writing positive views about themselves and friends can help write these positive views without a conceded feel to them.  Let go of your insecurities; share your written profile with friends so they can provide feedback.  Before you write your profile, look at all the information requested and write it down on paper (or electronically in a text editor like notepad or word).  Writing your profile down will make showing it to others and editing much easier, then you can post the best profile that will have many looking, winking and wanting to meet you in no time.

Be honest and do not embellish, lie or live in the future when writing your profile, it is always best to present yourself as you are at the time you are writing your profile.  For example, if you are a student studying to be a lawyer, do not write as if you are already a lawyer; it is OK to write that you are still in school studying to be a lawyer.  Your reader will appreciate your honesty and continue to want more information about you.  Many adults do not write enough details in their profiles because they do not know how, so when reading your own profile; many add non-fact or embellished information to make the post more exciting.  Tell a story that is meaningful, witty, or shows who you are.  For example, you are someone who enjoys swimming and you would like someone who also likes to swim; then your story might involve how you first learned to swim or what a day swimming with you would be like.

Details, details, details.  Pay attention to spelling, grammar and use of slang when creating your profile and spell check is your friend.  If you find yourself getting frustrated describing yourself, it is OK to make a list of hobbies and things you like.  This will help you organize your thoughts too and you just may find yourself writing complete sentences using the list as ideas.  Details, again, are important to really tell the reader who you are and that you are unique, interesting and fun to be with.  These details are the what, how and why of who you are; for example: I like to take walks on the beach for as long as I can remember.  My family would vacation at the beach every year and it was so much fun that I am drawn to the beach.  Where are your favorite vacation spots?

Creating A Great Online Dating ProfileAsking questions within the profile itself can lead to conversations when emailing or speaking.  Most people spend on average of 10 seconds glancing at profiles looking for that one interesting fact that will lead them to email, wink, or IM to have that additional contact.  Questions are easy to insert when you have mini stories throughout the profile.  You can ask how old they were when they experienced a sport, hobby, got their first pet, current pet.  Cooking for both male and female has become very popular.  A foodie looking for another foodie might describe a cooking class they took and how enjoyable it was.  Their question might be, would you find this an exciting first date and what would you like to cook?

The profile you post is the gateway to dating others that share your same interests and having a fun date.  Profiles are typically one to two paragraphs, so don’t flood your profile with a full biography, keep the suspense there while still sharing enough to break the ice.  Dating is more than a hunt for the right companion, it is a way to socialize and have human contact that we all desire to be functional happy humans.  Relax on your first date and do not expect instant love but expect a common connection if you were honest in your profile.

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