Is He Or She Scamming You?

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Is He Or She Scamming You Main ImageIs He Or She Scamming You?

Scammers operate heavily online and sadly, many are on dating/meeting sites looking for lonely people to prey on.  Unfortunately, scammers find many prospective victims and they fall willingly to anything the scammer says or requests. People can look for the signs and be proactive to help prevent becoming a victim of a scammer.

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When first meeting someone online do not give your life story in an hour. Get to know the person a little at a time.  Know your dating website background check policy.  Some do a basic search to keep anyone with a violent criminal record off their site. Invest in a background check service so you can check out your potential suitors.  This will tell you more about your possible love interest.

Use common sense when information on their profile does not add up to what is on their background check.  A background check may also show you what that person really looks like.  Remember, fake images can always be used, so be cautious!

Men are typically scammed more than women.  Lonely men who are desperately wanting that young, beautiful, slim woman often find hundreds interested in them online, but none offline.  Again, use your common sense.  Scammers often fall in love fast and furious.  Time is important to them because they need you to trust them quick and start getting money from your account. 

Scammers will ask for airline tickets so you can meet and then once the airline ticket is purchased, they cash it in often making up an excuse of a family emergency or they themselves were ill.  They play on your emotions of love and will portray the part of being devoted to you.  These people can make you feel special and loved.  For someone who is lonely, this is difficult to resist.  Scammers will sing a song of sorrow and need until you are find yourself sending them money.  

Scams will continue as long as you allow.  A big red flag should be someone asking you for money or gifts and you have never met face to face. Video chatting does not count.  Scammers are smart and can pay a beautiful person to pose for pictures and video chat with someone every once in a while.  The amount of money that can be scammed off someone reaches into the thousands.

Many scammers live out of the country.  These scammers are looking for money or a ticket to the United States and will prey upon lonely men and women.  Use caution when setting up meeting someone from another country.  Make sure someone knows your agenda or take another person with you and always make sure you first meet in a public place.  During your first face to face meeting it is best to avoid intimate settings where you will be alone with the other person. 

When a scammer is finished with you, these intimate meetings could end badly.  There are some evil people in our world and they will do whatever they can to get with they want.  Their life and their way is more important than yours so always remember this fact.  Organ harvesters try to get healthy organs in order to sell them and will pray upon lonely people.  Sex traffickers also prey upon lonely people. 

We all think bad things will never happen to us or it only happens to poor people.  Organ theft and sex trafficking happens to middle class and the rich too.  Holding someone for ransom has also occurred to people going to another country to meet their love.  Being cautious and aware of your surroundings is the key to safety. 

People who meet online will often communicate by phone, text or email and bypass the dating site messaging system.  Scammers will pressure you to do this quick and ask you to delete your dating profile so you are all theirs.  Playing on your emotions is one way scammers keep control of you.  They make promises, tell you what you want to hear and make you feel important. Everyone wants to feel wanted and loved.

There is someone for everyone and love comes to all, if you allow it.  Online dating is the new normal and there are more people using it to make connections.  Over half that are online looking for love are there for the right reason and the other half are there to cause trouble, make money or get a free ticket to the United States.

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